The future of Digital Partial Frameworks

Swift now offers a metal free alternative to chrome frameworks, Swiftacetal.

Acetal is a pure, highly crystalline copolymer resin offering a large range of benefits.

For more information on the benefits, turnaround times or sending your first swiftacetal, please call us on 01204 323 323 or email

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we are a full-service dental laboratory – built on passion and innovation, and are true pioneers of digital dentistry.

Swift Dental Group was established in 1984 by Roy McGillivray and Mark Stevenson and has since evolved into the UK’s largest dental laboratory group, employing over 300 dedicated team members nationwide.

zirconia, the metal-free restoration you can trust.

Full-Form Zirconia is the ideal NHS restoration, making it the perfect alternative to our conventional porcelain bonded and full-metal crowns.

Milled in our CADCAM suite, Zirconia gives you all the precision and accuracy that digital dentistry offers.  Try our Full-Form Zirconia instead of your next full metal crown, and save up to £2,424 per year!

full-form zirconia

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