Turnaround Times

All product are produced in the U.K. by our team of highly skilled technicians. All turnaround times exclude logistics.

Crown & Bridge

Product Days in Lab
Full Form Zirconia Crown/Bridge 4
Porcelain Bonded to Zirconia 5
Porcelain Bonded to Metal 5
Full Metal Shell Crown 4
Emax Crown/Bridge 5
Composite Crown 4


Product Days in Lab
Bite Block 3
Special Tray 3
Repair Addition 1
Try-In 3
Denture Finish 4
Valplast Finish 4
Copy Denture Technique 3


Product Days in Lab
Acetal Framework 3
Chrome Framework 5
Repair 5

Please note chrome turnaround times excludes denture


Product Days in Lab
Bleaching Tray 3
Trutain/Essix Retainer 2
Gumshield 3
PVC Splint 3
Removable Appliance 3
Twin Block 5
Tanner/Michigan 5
Anti-Snoring Device 5
Study Models 1