full-form zirconia

zirconia, the metal-free restoration you can trust.

Full-Form Zirconia is the ideal NHS restoration, making it the perfect alternative to our conventional porcelain bonded and full-metal crowns.

Milled in our CADCAM suite, Zirconia gives you all the precision and accuracy that digital dentistry offers. We are confident that you will love our Zirconia restorations. This is why we are happy to offer all full form Zirconia restorations as an alternative for any NHS restoration for only £29.95!

At Swift, we believe that the benefit is not only financial, as Zirconia is a much better product with higher patient satisfaction and a lower remake percentage. Don’t just take our word for it, try it.

Due to Zirconia’s exceptional strength and durability these restorations are proven to fracture considerably less in comparison to all other restorations.

For private cases and the best aesthetics we utilise the strength of Zirconia to construct the core of the crown and layer Emax over the top.


Over three times the strength of conventional bonded crowns or shells, Zirconia restorations are less likely to break or fracture due to their exceptional strength making them ideal for all patients, including patients that suffer from bruxism.


Milled in our CADCAM suite, Zirconia gives you all the precision and accuracy that digital dentistry offers. Our team of designers are highly experienced and continually strive to stay at the forefront of new developments within the industry.


As a 100% metal-free option, patients will have the confidence that there will be no gingival darkening. Zirconia restorations are available in all 16 Vita shades, plus bleaching shades.


Perfect for patients who have a known allergy to metal or simply those who prefer a metal-free restoration.


Due to the digital aspect, we can often improve turnaround times, in some cases, we can accept intraoral scans and mill your crown the very same day.

Private Layered Zirconia

For our private Zirconia cases, we utilise the strength of a Zirconia core with the application of e.max porcelain to create the ultimate private restoration. We now offer our layered Zirconia for only £99.50

here at swift, we offer a range of recommended products

One of our most popular is our Zirconia Blur Kit, which is perfect altering Zirconia dental restorations. Due to the high strength of Zirconia, it is essential to have the right tools to adjust.

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