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By 2021 we will have relocated to a 50,000 sq ft facility, enabling us to create the first smart manufacturing laboratory in Europe.

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2017 saw a high-level digital investment plan came into effect through milling, 3D printing and training & development.

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In 2016, the arrival of laser sintering (Renishaw).

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In 2015 we saw exponential growth, leading us to consider a new location to facilitate production.

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In 2005, we restructured Swift Dental Group, thus formulating the management team.

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In 1993, Swift Dental Group relocated to 4,500 sq ft facility...

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In 1990, we were awarded our first major international contract...

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In 2018, we were awarded the MOD contract.

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In 1984, Swift Dental was founded by Roy McGillivray and Mark Stevenson.

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