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29|06|2020 update

Dear team, We open by sending our best wishes to you and your family and trust that you are all safe and well. We have begun to see some work returning to the Laboratory, albeit it at significantly reduced volumes.  It is our intention to produce work for the short term at our Bolton site,

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What positive thing have you achieved during lockdown?

It’s National Smile Month, so to celebrate we would love for you to join in our campaign and get as many valued employees involved as possible... All you have to do is send a photo of one positive thing you have achieved during lockdown – this could be a hobby you have fallen back in

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05/06/2020 Update

In the interest of being completely open with everyone, we'd like to share with you some news from the British Dental Association (BDA) regarding dentists returning to work. The BDA has polled over 2,000 dental practices across England and have found that just 36% of practices intend to reopen from Monday 8th June as previously

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Return to work update

Firstly, we would like to apologise for not issuing an update to you last week. We were receiving various updates from the government throughout the week and wanted to get a clear picture before issuing any announcement. As you may have seen, the Chief Dental Officer, Sara Hurley, published a letter on Friday outlining plans

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11/05/2020 – Update

Dear team, We open by sending our best wishes to you and your families and trust that you are all keeping safe and well. Last week we launched our online survey to all Dentists and Practice Managers. This will allow us to understand how and when they intend to return and what services they will

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10/05/2020 Update

After this evenings announcement,  we wish to inform you that it will NOT be possible for you to return to work at this time. Whilst the Prime Minister stated tonight that anyone who could not work at home, should return to the workplace, this is not practical in the dental industry. Whilst we class ourselves

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30/04/2020 update

CLICK HERE FOR FORMAL LETTER FOR YOUR ATTENTION Dear Team, We are all another week into the lockdown, which the Government extended for a further three weeks last Thursday. I hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well, and are managing to enjoy some time together during these totally unique and unprecedented

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15/04/2020 Update

To all our valued employees, We hope that you and your families have all had a pleasant Easter break and that you are all in good health. Whilst we have no further updates on when the lockdown will be lifted from the government, we anticipate it is unlikely to be anytime soon, and we wait

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07/04/2020 Update

Dear team Swift, Another week has passed which hopefully means that we are all a week closer to some form of normality, albeit little steps at a time. Everyone in the group has now received their salaries, paid on 6th April as promised prior to us having to close due to the Coronavirus. As

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