Dear team,

We open by sending our best wishes to you and your family and trust that you are all safe and well.

We have begun to see some work returning to the Laboratory, albeit it at significantly reduced volumes.  It is our intention to produce work for the short term at our Bolton site, as the levels of work are not sufficient at the moment to be able to open our other facilities (up) at this time.  As soon as we see levels returning, then we will begin to open our other sites up.

From 1 July 2020 and in line with the Furlough scheme, we are allowed to work in a much more flexible manner than the scheme previously allowed.  As the demand fluctuates on a daily basis, it is very difficult for us to predict the level of work on any given day, however, we are booking on work on a daily basis, which allows us to assess the number of colleagues we will require over the next few days.  Therefore, with effect from Wednesday 1 July 2020, we may contact you to request that you return to work the following day.  This may mean that we ask you in for a half a day, a day, a week or longer but we will need you to return to work when given notice to do so, initially we are doing this on a minimum of quarter days.

Whilst this far from an ideal situation, we are facing unprecedented times as a country and as an industry, we, therefore, ask you to be flexible and allow us to continue to service our customers.

We have already begun to see many laboratories not working or even closing and therefore we have taken the decision to bring some of our colleagues in the sales team back to contact new practices and open new accounts for the Group. We are the UK’s leading dental laboratory and we intend during this difficult period to continue to grow.

Best wishes,

Roy & Mark